Transitions Clinic

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The MoD lab is excited to partner with the Health Justice Lab and Transitions Clinic to provide mental health care for formerly incarcerated individuals. *

*Appointments currently only can be made for patients of the Transitions Clinic. 

One Page Mental Health Handouts- Designed for Justice-Invovled Individuals
Skills Handouts Mental Health Info Sheets Support Resources
Emotion Regulation What is depression?  State and National Hotlines
Distress Tolerance-Distraction What is PTSD?  Remembering to take medication
Distress Tolerance-Self-Soothing What is a Substance Use Disorder? New Haven Resources 
Distress Tolerance-TIPP What is a Personality Disorder (BPD and ASPD)?  
Distress Tolerance-TIPP    
Distress Tolerance-STOP     
Breathing Exercises     
Urge Surfing    
Behavioral Activation     
Coping with C.O.V.I.D.     
Coping with grief