Transitions Clinic

The MoD lab is excited to partner with the SEICHE Center and Transitions Clinic to provide mental health care for formerly incarcerated individuals. 

On this page we provide open-access one-page mental health handouts designed for legal system invovled indiviudals. 

We currently only see patients for appointments through the Transitions Clinic. 

Skills Info

An * indicates recordings are provided in the “Skills Videos and Audio” link at the bottom.

Behavioral Activation*

Sleep Hygiene *

Breathing Exercises*

Urge Surfing*

Distress Tolerance (Distraction)*

Distress Tolerance (Self-Soothing)*

Distress Tolerance (TIPP 1, TIPP 2)*

Distress Tolerance (STOP)*

Emotion Regulation


Coping with C.O.V.I.D.

Coping with grief

Skills Videos and Audio