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Postdoctoral Fellows

MoDLab is looking for junior colleagues with great ideas and a passion for science. Please send a CV, cover letter, and three references to Professor Baskin-Sommers. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis; openings vary with current funding level. Candidates should possess strong technical abilities, including programming experience (e.g., MATLAB, EPrime, or other scripting languages), comfort with statistical analysis and analytic software (e.g. SPSS, R), and familiarity with psychophysiological data collection (EEG/ERP, startle, imaging).

Graduate Students

2020 Status: Dr. Baskin-Sommers will be accepting applications.  
MoDLab admits students through the Department of Psychology (Clinical or Neuroscience area groups). Please refer to the Department website for detailed information on requirements and deadlines ( Prospective students are encouraged to contact Professor Baskin-Sommers by email, preferably in September or October prior to the December application deadline. Please send a CV and a brief statement of your research experience and future interests.

Research Assistants 

MoDLab is always looking for intelligent and motivated undergraduate research assistants. Research assistants in the MoDLab can learn how to conduct psychophysiological research (startle, ERP, imaging), diagnostic interviewing, and complete research in accordance with human subjects protections. It is expected that undergraduate research assistants commit to the lab for two semesters, work approximately 10 hours per week, and attend the weekly lab meeting. An ideal candidate would have a minimum of a 3.4 GPA (feel free to apply with a lower GPA, but provide an explanation for why your GPA does not meet this cutoff).  

How can I apply? 

To apply for any position, please send Professor Baskin-Sommers an email ( with your CV attached and a brief statement of your interests. The MoDLab will respond to your inquiry as soon as is possible—please be aware that we do get a large number of applications at certain times of the year. Your patience is greatly appreciated.